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We encourage every customer to have a blackbaud.com login to access numerous resources on our award-winning support website that are available to all members of our Blackbaud Advantage maintenance programs.

Here are frequently asked questions and answers about your blackbaud.com login.
  • Why is Blackbaud making me update my account?
    On December 15, 2014 we released the new Omnibar, which allows you to sign into blackbaud.com using your email address or Google account and is the first step towards single sign-on with our products. We are requiring you to update your account to select which login option you prefer.   

  • What are some best practices for updating my account?

    • Try to use the same email address and password as your existing blackbaud.com account; it will make it easier to remember!
    • If you use a Google account, we recommend:
  • How can I update my account or get one of my users to update their account?
    Go to Blackbaud Migration to update your account.

  • I do not have a blackbaud.com login, how do I get one?
    Contact your organization's site administrator, who can invite you to create a blackbaud.com account.

  • I didn't get the confirmation email to complete my account setup. What do I do now?
    The email we sent may have been blocked by your organization's email server. Please have your email services staff:

    • Ensure the email server, proxy server, and firewall are not blocking emails from:
      •  @blackbaudondemand.com
      •  @blackbaudemail.netcommunity1.com

    • Whitelist the IP ranges listed below on your email servers or network appliance:
      • ( -
      • ( -
      • ( -
      • ( -

  • Is my blackbaud.com login the same as my Blackbaud software or the Blackbaud Hosting Services portal login?
    No, your blackbaud.com account login is specific to our website and gives you access to our online Support resources, such as Case Central, Chat, and our Knowledgebase.

  • Can I still login under my original blackbaud.com account user name after the update?
    No, you will must update your account to access our online Support resources..

  • Can I use a different email and password than what's on my old blackbaud.com account record?
    Yes. After you update your account, you will be prompted to link it with your old blackbaud.com account to complete the process. All future Blackbaud communications will go to the new email address.

  • If I use my Google account, will this update my existing Blackbaud account information?
    Yes, your record will be updated to match your Google account and all future Blackbaud communications will go to the associated email.

  • What if I want to sign in with my Google account and the associated Google email is different than where I want to receive my communications from Blackbaud?
    The email address you select will be where all future Blackbaud communications will be sent. We recommend signing up with the email account to which you would like to receive Blackbaud communications.

  • What are the password requirements if I sign up using my email?
    Your password must meet the below criteria:

    • 7 characters or more
    • Must have at least (2) criteria:
      • Capital letter
      • Number
      • Special character (! @ # & , % & * _ )

  • When I update my account, can I use the same password?
    Yes, as long as the old password meets our updated password requirements.

  • What do I do if I need assistance?
    You may search our Knowledgebase for questions regarding logging into blackbaud.com. You may also either chat with Support by clicking the button below or email webmaster@blackbaud.com.


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